In Israel, there’s is a steadily growing love for asado amongst the people.  As a result, there’s an increasing demand for catering asado in the north. Asado meals are flavour-packed, highly nutritious and above all, the novel common choice for special events.

Catering Asado in the north has been embraced by most locals, as it offers great entertainment and delight to those who require this service or treat. Concerns about not getting the perfect Asado experience have been duly dealt with, as there are now chefs in Israel who are experts in the preparating Asado.

What Is Asado?

For the most part of it, Asado is a delicious meal of meat and the methods that go into its preparation, but it is more than just that. In quite a number of South American countries, Argentina especially, it is a culinary cultural practice, and could even be considered one of the highlights of Argentine culture. Argentina is a country that is globally known for the quality of its beef, and an asado is where you’ll find the best kind, grilling slowly and evenly to juicy perfection.

Asado, in a literal sense, means roast or roasted. In Argentina, a common gathering of family and friends where Argentine meats cooked by roasting is considered an asado. For them, it is a way of sharing good times and spreading love.

Catering Asado In The North Style

Forget about the common practice of BBQ-style cooking using gas. The magic of preparing the best Asado rests in the use of fire and wood to slowly cook the meat in open air. Depending on the style used by the chef, often you’ll get a smoky, crisp exterior when the meat is roasted this way, followed by a succulent, juicy texture that is packed with flavour on the inside.

An example of meat that gives the best flavour when cooked in the Asado way is whole lamb, which can be cooked slowly for about 8 hours. This is done to give the meat delicate flavours and to make sure the meat falls off the bone when served. The resulting melt in the mouth gives a deep, enjoyable feeling of satisfaction. It is comes as no surprise that Asap is so loved.

Wowing Guests at Events

The Asado style of cooking with smoke and fire does more than the production of tasty meat. It’s a visually entertaining method of cooking which makes it the perfect idea for your outdoor events in Israel. Catering Asado in the north has seen the birth of catering services like ASADO CATERING,  that do excellently well in organising these outdoor events for anyone who hires such services.

There is a great joy that comes with seeing smiles on the faces of people. Be it a wedding party, birthday party, or any outdoor event at all, Asado never fails to deliver on giving guests the experience of a lifetime. It sets up an atmosphere that’s perfect for great relaxation, happy conversations between family and friends, even before the actual treat of having their meal. The visual delights, appetising aromas, and excitement that the Asado style of cooking features is one of the great pleasures of the tradition, a tradition that we are fast falling in love with.