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קייטרינג אסאדו

The point of a wedding ceremony is for you to get married to the person you love. That’s the important part, but there are other aspects that are typical and expected of wedding ceremonies these days. Guests. Most weddings, typically feature well decorated halls with audiences of families and friends. Keeping this audience of family and friends at your wedding entertained and well cared for is the goal in most weddings. To keep guests happy and talking about a wedding long after the last dance, the best wedding planners incorporate fun, personal and unique touches.

These thoughts about giving your guest the best come with a lot of pressure. Your desire is to put together a celebration that is fun and makes every second spent by your guests worth it. Thankfully, a great wedding doesn’t necessarily involve spending money in huge sums, an expensive venue, or an endless list of guests.

One trick that almost always works is making delicious food available. Everyone loves to eat great food, as it has an unmatched way of lifting one’s spirits. This is where Asado comes in.

Great food makes for a fantastic celebration, but nothing does it better than a perfectly prepared Asado treat. If you are looking to put together a wedding ceremony that will create beautiful, long-lasting memories for your guests, you should give serving Asado meals a serious consideration.

The interesting part of it is, you do not have to worry so much about pulling of the perfect set up yourself, as there are catering outfits that offer such services. Such a relief!

Catering services like CHEF ASADO have highly skilled workers and expert chefs who pay attention to every detail in creating the perfect Asado wedding experience.


Asado catering is more than just a meal of tasty meat; it is a culture, one that spreads love and brings joy. For this, among other reasons, it gaining more and more popularity amongst the people of Israel. This is why it is such a great option for wedding ceremonies.

It is important that you know that, although meat mostly takes center stage in an asado, there are quite a number of other tasty traditionally served dishes, which are also perfect for your wedding.

A simple ensalada mixto made from lettuce, tomato, and onion may be served. One is more likely to see an ensalada rusa , made from potato , carrot, green peas, hardboiled eggs, and mayonnaise. Asado is typically served on round wooden plates.

The Asado style of cooking with smoke and fire does more than the production of tasty meat. It’s a visually entertaining method of cooking which makes it the perfect idea for your wedding. Also, it makes for a perfect atmosphere for interaction between guests, while enjoying the cool breeze that only outdoor events can give.

Take a moment and imagine your guests savouring their tasty, flavoursome asado meals while cheering you on as you mark a special day in your life.

The perfect meal for your guests, available catering services to get the job done, and the chance to create magical, romantic moments. The stage is set and there’s quite little now stopping you from choosing an Asado. Your wedding deserves the spark, and your guests will be grateful for the memories.

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